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Everyone... and we mean EVERYONE needs an Accountability Partner!

Our Accountability Program is strategically designed to ensure whether in a group or one on one, we are holding each other accountable to complete those dreaded day to day tasks that are vital to our continual business maturation and longevity.

  1. You and your partner (s) identifying the need for change.

  2. You and your partner (s) taking responsibility of the identified need for change.

  3. You and your partner (s) being transparent about daily struggles and challenges.

  4. You and your partner (s) collectively discovering practical ways to become consistent in completing miniscule tasks.

  5. You and your partner(s) understanding the accountability model and process is a gateway to the scalability of your organization.


In addition, the Accountability Program will host a collective SheEO Monthly Mastermind Roundtable Session (via Zoom) with all Tribe Members and Leadership for business training, coaching and development. 

During the session, members will also have the opportunity to discuss challenges and collectively share best practices in effort to provide practical solutions.

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