The physical and mental well-being of our members will always be a key area of focus for our community. Often times we are so fixated on fulfilling the needs of others, we tend to neglect our own personal care needs. 

We will promote and strongly encourage a healthy balanced lifestyle of diet and exercise as well-focused attention to mental health. 

Appointed members such as mental health physicians, licensed social workers, certified life coaches as well as health and wellness professionals will provide information resources and offer services to support this critical layer of The SheEO District.



Being a part of an effective women's network, you quickly realize the incredible growth benefits it can offer to entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, or stay-at-home moms. 


We live in a time where women are actively gaining new skills, building their dreams successfully- all while maintaining a home. Our community prides itself on helping our members find the home, work, and personal balance to ensure holistic success.


As more women earn more wealth than ever before, they are often asserting themselves as decision-makers over the full range of finance-related issues- specifically in the home. Women's economic contributions to their household have increased exponentially over the past 40 years. 


Women's ability to earn. save and invest plays a critical role in the well-being of their family’s overall financial being. The SheEO District will provide financial literacy through legacy professionals, financial advisors as well as opportunities not only to earn income but establish “disaster-proof” wealth. 


As a result of financial literacy programs, our members will be equipped and enabled to secure economic stability for generations to come.


The SheEO District will live and breathe by the “Work Hard, Play Hard” mantra. 

We dare not invest precious time and energy into producing results, and never schedule downtime to enjoy the fruits of our labor! 


We will actively engage in the following:

  • Annual women's empowerment conferences come

  • Annual International vacations,

  • Local chapters of “Girls Night Out Meetups”, 

  • Another added benefit of being a member….. LONGER LIFE!

 Studies have shown that women who engage in positive social relationships and networks tend to live longer as their bodies produce higher levels of progesterone-  A hormone that helps reduce stress and anxiety.