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I'm serial entrepreneur. I'm a business owner TNJ Hous3 Enterprise newly form DBA. T & J Emporium LLC is transformation from Tina & Jamari Gifts since 2008. I've ran my business like a second job. When I needed money I worked it harder. Now it's my time to shine and move in a different direction. I love helping minority women and men mostly set their business up professional from started. Working as a Certified Score Mentor has taught me lesson that our demographic don't usually acquire starting up. Like when I set my LLC up paid someone over $700 to not even get all info needed to succeed. So my mission is to make sure that never happens under my watch. I'm going to be personable and intentionally working with people. Only way they fail if they don't apply what I'm giving them life lessons and consulting sessions. So Black 2 Black Consulting was born. That will be a DBA under TN J Hous3 Enterprise. Working on a magazine Black 2 Black as I'm looking for contributing writers. I've always have had trust issues so it has hindered me building a team or advancing. Giving that up and build lasting partnership and trust.

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