Director of The SheEO Academy

CEO | The Charge Room


Ilyasah graduated from Adelphi University in 2010 with a Master of Social Work.


This field of study allowed her to gain  15 years of experience in regard to behavioral health, substance abuse, mental illness, and homelessness in the classification of children, teens, adults and geriatrics.


Ilyasah's passion,  empathy, and concern flow within her spirit as a constant and genuine love for helping others. This giving spirit keeps her driven and determined to provide support and encouragement to others, including goal achievement. 


Ilyasah was ordained a minister in June 2019 under the leadership of Apostle Rasheen C. Rutledge and Overseer Dianne Martin of Living Faith Ministries Incorporated.  Ilyasah was licensed as an Officiate by the State of New York in September 2019.


A recent graduate in biblical studies at Dominion Theological Seminary. Ilyasah is also Certified in Christian Counseling. 


Ilyasah is an author: So You Think You Can Pray, I Am A Woman Empowered


Ilyasah pre-launched The Charge Room Incorporated. The Charge Room Inc. is a platform men and women built to provide a safe zone and strategic interventions to allow broken hearts and broken souls to reconstruct, renew and reform their minds in order to surrender their old selves to awaken and receive their newness. 


In addition, Ilyasah is a certified Culinary Professional.


Director of Senior Leader Development

CEO | Angela Lewis International, LLC


Angela “ALove” Lewis is a Speaker, Certified Empowerment Coach, and the founder of Hot Wife Society and I Am a Woman Empowered.  She uses the networks to provide opportunities to build confidence, coins, and connections through workshops, conferences, personal consultations, and entrepreneurial ventures. 


Angela, along with her Co-Host P’Angela Jones, appears to Live via their social media platforms for Wife Talk Tuesday. The Show provides Candid Conversations regarding marriage and the unique position Wives play in its success. In addition, Angela launched her podcast, KISSS with ALove, in February 2020 to showcase entrepreneurs who are Keeping It Sexy Successful & Saved.


Recently, Angela embarked on a new journey in the publishing field and collaborated with Matthew Santana, and birthed A & M Productions.  Angela, along with 25 other ladies wrote: “I Am a Woman Empowered: Stories of Strength, Resiliency & Triumphs”. Her desire to give women a voice and see them share their personal stories to empower others was the catalyst behind this endeavor.  


As a visionary and a solutionist, Angela is always looking for ways to help people reach empowerment levels that propel them to “break glass ceilings!”


Director of SheEO Marketplace

CEO | LifeTipsbyJazz & Purpose to F.L.Y (FIRST LOVE YOU)


Jasmine D Milhouse is a Self-Love Transformational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Founder and CEO of LifeTipsbyJazz, LLC. Jasmine enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 children. She is a believer and knows her life would not be where it is without God. 


Her mission is to help women tackle their obstacles and oppositions to reconcile their self-love through personal coaching and daily strategies. Jasmine is also the author of How Did I Get Here: The Untold Journey of Finding Myself.


Before Jasmine started on her journey to help transform lives, the life she had to tackle first was her own. Being raised in a dysfunctional house can place anyone in a mentally turmoiled state. A lost traumatic little girl turned into a struggling, broken, hurt, and betrayed grown little girl. No longer wanting to be in her situation, she set out to transform her life with healing, forgiveness, mental uplift, and most of all self-love.


Hanging up the long hours of retail management for over 10 years, she discovered her true purpose for helping women. By building their self-confidence and self-esteem so they can go after the life of their dreams without ever having to seek anyone’s approval with The Purpose to F.L.Y System™.


Director of SheEO Senior Leaders

CEO, Synergizing Results, LLC

Paula Hatton is the Owner and CEO of Synergizing Results LLC, a business consulting and coaching firm. Paula graduated Magna Cum Laude from Strayer University with a Bachelor of Business Administration Concentration in Management. She works as a Senior Leader Director for the ultimate business network, The SheEO District. She has 20+ years of experience in Business Management and an equal amount of experience in personal life coaching. In addition to her degree training, she has over 2000+ training hours in business, leadership, coaching, training and more.


Her passion for helping extends beyond her business. She currently serves as the Director of Talk It Out Tuesday, a Summer Camp for Teen Girls for Beautiful Spirited Women. In addition to serving BSW, she is the Alumni Chapter President at Strayer University, Memphis Chapter, a member of the Golden Key National Honor Society, Founding Chapter Member of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, Mid-South Feed the Need Delegate, National Customer Service Week Coordinator, and Team Mom for The Memphis Braves Baseball Organization. She is also an active volunteer for the United Way of the Mid-South. 


Paula is a devoted wife, mom, mentor, philanthropist, children’s rights advocate and a business management professional. When she’s not helping others, she enjoys attending baseball games with her family, listening to music, and making people laugh. Her goal is to continue to serve and empower businesses and her community through the motto: “Helping everyone, one problem at a time.” 


Director of Member Engagement

CEO, A Better Me by K. Marie


Keisha Spencer, also known as Coach K. Marie, is a local citizen of Memphis, Tn where she was born and raised.  She is the proud mother of 4 beautiful children and takes pride in parenting.  


Keisha has devoted years to training minds, nurturing gifts, and making people feel good about themselves throughout the years in her profession as a manager, educator, and personal stylist.  She learned about coaching when she hit a roadblock in her own life and was struggling to move past it. The techniques she developed were so successful that friends and family began asking me for help with their own challenges. This motivated her to turn her passion into a full-time career.  


She became a Certified Life Coach in the spring of 2019 after healing and changing her mindset. She also became a wellness advisor in February 2020.  Those two areas in her life became very pivotal to her purpose.  From that time she has launched her thriving business “Fit for a Purpose Nonprofit Organization” which was designed to help nurture the minds of young adults transitioning into adulthood and also raise awareness of the social-emotional and mental health illness, as a result of anxiety and depression, or simply an overload in the mind.  


She is also a part of the leadership team with the SheEO District as well as the Director of Social Media.  She is definitely a woman of multiple layers, unraveling piece by piece as she aspires to help others unravel their gifts, connect with their inner peace, and completely walk in their purpose. Keisha aspires to grow as an established Professional Life Coach, known for her captivating spirit, passion for purpose, and desire to change lives. 


Director of SheEO C.A.R.E.S. (Christian Advocate Reassuring & Empowering Our Sisters)

Co-Founder, The Morning Do


P’Angela Jones is a Creative Thought Leader who has a Socially Transformative impact on families. She helps marriages and families through her passion to unlock potential in otherwise dysfunctional familial relationships and her ability to cast a clear vision for the development and maintenance of a healthy family structure. 


P'Angela is a minister, influencer, marriage coach, author and co-host of several shows all surrounding the topic of healthy marriages and relationships. 


She resides in North Atlanta with her husband Darryl and their 6 blended children.